Frequently Asked Questions
It's very simple. Our system offers registration process where no personal information is necessary to input anywhere during the process. Just fill in some basic information & complete the form. Click on "Submit" and personal dashboard control panel will displayed right away.
Yes, you can refer any new member and can perform other task too. Login into your account, select the appropriate option for the task you need to perform.
No. Bondion Limited acts as an investment advisor who picks the best possible crypto currencies to invest in. We do not share the contents of our portfolio or the strategies we use to choose options. This is done to minimize negative effects from competition in the industry. Because there is so much fast and easy money to be made, portfolio management methods are guarded.
We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash and Payeer as payment method.
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency i.e. digital money that operates outside of other financial currency systems. The best way to understand it is to read the information at Bitcoin.org, the official website
Support is available for 24/7. You can get a reply within a few minutes if there are no technical issues, if the website isn't functioning normally or is down due to unscheduled maintenance or external impacts, then it may take some time to get reply from the support team.
No, multiple accounts are not allowed. One account for each computer and each person who gets involved with our services. Bondion Limited rules about this and other topics must be followed if you want to stay in good standing. Multiple accounts from one computer or one individual will result in account closure and deactivation. Deposits will be refunded but not percentage earnings on top of that.
Yes, as long as there is no referral relationship between the two of you.
Click on forget password link and you can recover your password.
Please contact customer support. In order to maintain proper security for all our members, you will need to verify some information before your log-in email is recovered.
We do not allow email address changes for security purposes. If you can no longer use the email you signed up with, we will block the associated account and refund the money to the proper payment account. Identity verification will be necessary in order to do this, so expect to answer some questions and give other revealing details about the account in question.
Yes, we are using the best hardware and software to ensure maximum protection against hacker, DDoS attacks and other malicious actions.
First of all, change your password, if possible, and increase the security level on the security settings page of your account. If you cannot access your account and reset your password with the standard password recovery function, contact the support to get further instructions.
You can investment from minimum 0.002 BTC to maximum no limit. The more you invest, the more you earn.
Yes, you can make as many deposits as you like in the same or different investment packages.
Your deposit will automatically be active after 3 confirmations of your bitcoin transaction in blockchain network
Address the technical support service via the feedback form in the "Support" section or via support@bondion.io and send the following data: 1) your login, 2) the exact amount of the deposit in Bitcoin, and 3) the address, to which the payment was sent.
The interests are provided on 24-hour basis in Bondion Limited.
You can request withdrawal of minimum 0.0005 BTC without restrictions.
Withdraw is instant with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Payeer, With Ethereum and BitcoinCash it can take upto 24hours to complete the withdraw request.
Usually withdrawal process initiates instantly and get deposited in your account. But still amount is not credited then please contact our support service and pass your username, deposit amount, payment method, transaction identifier and approximate time of the failed transaction. Our specialists will check your transaction and create your deposit instantly.
Yes. We offer our customers an affiliate program, Get started today and start earning on upto three levels, which are 7% from the first level referral deposit, 3% from second level referrals deposit and 1% from third level referrals deposits. Our methods make money making easier than ever before!
The aim of the partnership program is to attract as many clients as possible. Being a partner, you get a bonus from each deposit made by your referral and their referrals as well until 3 levels deep. The more referrals you attract, the more they deposit, the more bonuses you will receive.
No, you can earn affiliate rewards when you have no active deposits and you can earn interest on your deposit without referring anyone. Affiliate program is an option to increase your main earnings and you can decide whether to use it or not.
Yes, your rewards are added to your account balance and you can reinvest or withdraw them at once.
Any people of legal age in their countries.
Sending spam (unsolicited ads) is a bad behaviour and Bondion Limited sees spamming as an extremely malicious practice. If an investor is proved to send spam, his or her account may be suspended for an indefinite time. So please use only socially acceptable ways to share the word.
Click over to our Feedback Form and ask anything you want and we will answer as soon as possible. If we deem the information of general interest, we could include it in our Questions page here.